Dinner: pork chops, saffron dill veggie rice. #dinner #homemade


My annual massive blogiversary sex toy giveaway is here!

Choose from some of my all-time favorites: vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, a sleeve, a packer, a harness, and even a $150 gift certificate. About half the prizes are also open to international readers!

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Have you ever seen a silk maggot? It looks weird, but emits such a beautiful and desirable result: silk. The Eroscillator is like that, but its end result is a beautiful and desirable orgasm. It is immensely attractive for its unassuming appearance.

With an ergonomic design, range of power settings, and great oscillation, the Eroscillator is high class and delivers great orgasms. Wow, I still cannot get over that.

Read the rest of it here: Review: Eroscillator

Taco Bell sauce… Is Irish? (Taken with Instagram)